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Exhibition Layouts 2016

A taster of our coming exhibition in November.  

One of the locomotives on the Burntisland layout at a previous exhibition.

The following list gives those layouts,among others, that we expect to attend the 2016 Exhibition.

 LayoutScale Period CompanyS/D/E 
 Aston Magma1941 GWR 
 Blackpool  Illuminations001970s Tram 
 1970s Tram 
 Chollerford001950s  BR(NE)
 DonegalOn16.51960s  IrelandS/D 
 FarnbyO1040-1960  LNER/R
 Fiddlers WharfEM1960 BR(NE) S/D
 Greenhouse  SidingsGN15 - Freelance D
 Hawthorn DeneN1960s BR/NE S/D 
 Leicester South00 1948-63 BE(E) 
 Middle PeakEM 
 Penna Lane00 British 
 Pick Purse Goods1930s GWR 
 Plumpton GreenS4 1910 LB&SCR 
 PortchullinS4 1970s BR(SC) 
 Ravenscar Pier009 Tram 
 Welder's Quay00-FreelanceS/D
 The Worlds End00 2000s British 

Key:  S  steam   D  diesel    E  electric